Daily Archives: February 27, 2013

Upcoming events at Belfast Exposed

We have a jam-packed event schedule planned for March; there is something in there for everybody!

  • On March 07 at 6pm we will launch our very own Photobook Club for World Book Day. We have invited three photo book collectors to present and discuss their favourite books, which will be followed by a discussion on the photo book format.

a DSC_1341The Photobook Club aims to promote and enable discussion surrounding the photo book format, in particular looking at old, rare and influential photography books from the 20th century onwards.  The Photobook Club is run by Wayne Ford and Matt Johnston and you can find more about other Photobook Club events here.

  • On March 09 at 11am we will host Drawing on Dreams, a storytelling and art workshop for children aged 7 to 10.

START-imageIn this workshop children will have the opportunity to view and talk about artwork in Thresholds, the upcoming exhibition at Belfast Exposed (see below) which looks at storytelling, the imagination and fantasy within photography. The group will then create their own artwork inspired by this exhibition, which will be displayed in the Exchange Space Gallery at Belfast Exposed from 15 March until 22 March.

  • Our new show, Thresholdsopens on March 14 at 7pm. The exhibition is curated by Ciara Hickey and features works by  Maja Daniels, Stephen Gill, Sophie Ristelhueber, Luke Stephenson, Peter Watkins & Tereza Zelenkova.

MADY & MONETTE The perceived veracity of a photographic image, combined with its ultimate ambiguity, creates a unique space where fiction and truth intertwine. It is at this permeable border between reality and fiction that a photograph becomes a threshold to an infinite series of meanings. This exhibition explores the relationship between truth, fiction and fantasy within documentary photography. The artists included in Thresholds have each created a series of work documenting a specific subject or site. Every resulting image poses a challenge to our expectations of reality, and resonates with the realm of the imaginary (image by Maja Daniels, Mady and Monette, dance rehearsal, 2011)

  • The following day, on March 15 between 10.30am and 3.30pm, we will host Examining Exceptional Practice in Arts Education, an essential event for anyone involved in arts education including parents, facilitators, artists, teachers and policy makers.  This event is presented by Belfast Exposed in partnership with the Ulster Museum and Young at Art.

The day will consist of two sessions: Session 1 aims to inspire and inform new projects by presenting case studies of truly innovative practice from all over the U.K and Ireland. A discussion will follow on the role of art within schools in a time of cutbacks and social instability. The session will also offer practical advice and networking opportunities for schools wishing to get involved with their local arts organisation.

vauvaSession 2 will feature a presentation by the Pori Centre for Children’s Culture, Finland, in association with the Ulster Museum. Colour Workshop for Babies is a visual art workshop designed by the Pori Centre for children under one year of age and their families. In this presentation, the Pori Centre will discuss their approach in developing interactive art with babies.

(image: Pori Centre for Children’s Culture website)